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NAACP President John Jones
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Pastor Reinhard Bonnke
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Ed Johnson
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Mayor Rev. Ed Johnson

Fayetteville, Georgia elects its First Black Mayor Rev. Ed Johnson.
To our Louisiana family Rev. Ed Johnson is from New Orleans, Louisiana. "Our Louisiana Own" Please join FASMG as we congratulate and salute Naval Officer Retiree Rev. Ed Johnson and his lovely wife; now elected first lady of Fayetteville Dr. Vanessa Johnson. You will love this lady! Today in Fayetteville, Georgia is the city's local version of President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama. Kudos!


Mayor Bottom’s Inspirational Inauguration

On January 2, 2017 Mayor elect Keisha Lance Bottoms was inaugurated as Atlanta’s 60th mayor, making her Atlanta’s first African American female mayor and only the second female to be elected to the office of mayor in the history of the city of Atlanta. The Inauguration took place at the historic Martin Luther King International Chapel at Morehouse College. In Her brief but powerful inauguration speech she paid homage to her late grandparents who, being the predecessors of slaves, decided to move their family to Atlanta in the early nineteenth century.  During the height of her speech she referred to her coined phrase “Black girl Magic”, compelling everyone in the city of Atlanta to unite and yield what she called “Atlanta Magic” She exclaimed “When we are one Atlanta, I believe that we are truly unstoppable” The 60th mayor of Atlanta also plans to reform Atlanta’s financial deficit, and improve the city’s education system. All in all, Atlanta’s future looks bright under Mayor Bottom’s administration and her historic election is a testament of how far we have progressed as a people.    


Dodge’s Martin Luther King Commercial for Super Bowl 52 stirs controversy

On February 3, 2017 Super Bowl 52 kicked off. As always there was a plethora of extravagant   commercials lined up in between plays. One commercial that sparked controversy was the Dodge Ram’s Commercial that included an excerpt from a Martin Luther King Jr’s 1968 speech entitled “Drum Major Instinct”. Dr. King’s quote “built to serve” and critics are not happy about it at all. Otis Sanford with Commercial Appeal Magazine exclaims “Why would an automaker with its main headquarters in London, use the solemn words of Dr. King Jr’s. Last sermon in a Super Bowl commercial to shamelessly sell Ram trucks?” All in all, its seems as though it has been forgotten that commercials have the ability to have multiple purposes and multiple meanings., While it is a fact that the commercial was displayed with the intention to convince viewers to purchase a Ram, it is also possible that the owners, Fiat, decided to remind others to remember the words of Dr. King and continue to humble themselves by serving others. It is also possible that company wanted to pay respect to Dr. King and this inspiring   speech, on that day which happened to be the 50th anniversary of that speech. Yes, Dr. King was a prolific orator and his words should not be misrepresented by any means but, Kiat using that excerpt does not negate, the fact that because the commercial was broadcasted during the Super Bowl, millions of people had the opportunity to hear Dr. King’s powerful speech for the first time and several others had to the opportunity to be reminded of the validity of that speech even in this generation.


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Judge Hatchett

Judge Hatchett keeps it real in Fayette County:
Parents - No Means No To Underage Drinking.

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Weekend tickets are on sale now for the 2018 ESSENCE Festival! Click the link below to purchase. For more information visit

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